Master in European Floral Design Course

Gregor Lersch, to many Master Florists an inspiration and teacher.
You can recognize his style and techniques in many of the floral design of international Master designers around the world.
Many of whom he has taught or have worked for him in the past.

His unique perspective on floristry and decades of experience have made Gregor Lersch a teacher that many more would like to study from.
We are humbled to be able to host Gregor Lersch’s 20 day Master in European Floral Design course in our flower school here in the Netherlands.
This course is truly a unique opportunity for anyone who would like to gain more skills, deepen their knowledge and get a greater understanding of design.

The course is split in 2 parts of 10 days. The first part starts on June 29th and the second part starts on March 16th.

For more information or to register, click on this link.