Holly Chapple is coming to Holland!

The inspirational wedding florist Holly Chapple is coming to the Boerma Instituut to give a hands-on Master Class on Friday April 24th.
Holly Chapple is an American wedding florist who started out self-trained and developed her own styles and techniques.
Now, she has developed her own company into an international network of wedding florists spanning many countries across the globe.
Holly has an eye for beauty and is very able at transfering the knowledge of running your own business and creating beautiful flower arrangements.

If you want to join, please click here!

Mike Boerma on Holly Chapple:
“I met Holly at the AIFD Symposium in Las Vegas, where we both assisted Gregor Lersch for his presentation on the main-stage.
We spent a lot of time together working as a team. The whole team was amazing, I look back on it with a lot of fond memories.
Early on I think we realized that we connected on multiple levels.
Holly has such a warm personality that inspires enthousiasm, it immediately shows she has a deep passion for the industry and the people in it.
I went into it with just the thought that I’d be assisting Gregor and I knew it was going to be a great time, but I didn’t expect to come out of it with such beautiful friendships.

At the end of our stay, Holly mentioned she was going to Fleuramour in Belgium, which is only a couple of hours drive for me (We go there on a day trip with our students every year on the Friday).
Of course, my first response was that I wanted to help out, because that would be a great excuse to hang out together again!
So we met up again, this time working together with her team of Chapel Designers (Amongst which Susan McLeary who will do a Master Class earlier in April), Francoise Weeks and Suzie Kostick from Smithers Oasis.
My partner Anjelica also came along and I think the chemistry of the group and us was another thing that gives me memories to cherish for years to come.

If anything, I really wish for our students and the florists of the Netherlands to come and experience Holly as a teacher, she really is a breath of fresh air that I think the industry has been waiting for.”