Corona Update

Vol Geboekt

It has probably not escaped anyone’s attention:
Governments around the world are making moves against the Corona Virus.

Courses until April 6th
Yesterday, the Dutch government has officially announced that all schools will have to be closed until April 6th.
We think it was an important decision and hope that it speeds up the battle against the virus in a positive way.

This means that all our courses before that date, will have to be moved.
One of those is the Master Class by Susan McLeary, who is unable to travel to the Netherlands.
It will be postponed to a still to be announced date.

Master Class with Holly Chapple
Because of different circumstances, but still related to the virus, Holly Chapple is also unable to come to the Netherlands.
This means that this Master Class also has to be postponed.

Courses after April 6th
As of yet, we have no reason to postpone any further courses.
This means that the Special Floral Event Design course is still happening.
We also have no reason to believe that the Master in European Floral Design course has to be postponed.

Further Updates
As the situation develops, we will post updates and send out e-mails to those who have registered to our courses.

We wish everyone the best of health.