Youtube Channel: Boerma Instituut

After Mike Boerma had a conversation with Holly Chapple, an idea was born.
As we’ve got no possibilities to have classes in our school at the moment, nor demonstrations in other countries, because of COVID-19, we’ve started to do livestreams on youtube.

In the past we did not have time for keeping up with a Youtube channel or to do videos.
However, at this moment, we still want to reach out to our students across the world, so we’ve decided to start doing free streams on youtube. Hopefully, for those staying at home, this creates the posibility to stay inspired and keep doing the right thing by staying at home as much as possible during these dificult times.

If you’d like to be kept up to date when we do another stream, please subscribe to our official Boerma Instituut channel here.
For now, we are trying to post weekly Floral Design demonstrations, at our Flower School in Aalsmeer.

The first stream was a couple of weeks ago, done by Mike Boerma. You can watch it here.

The second stream was done by Jacqueline Boerma. You can find that one here.