Exam Works by Master in European Floral Design Course (Now International Master Florist Education) + Some updates

International Master Florist Education Alumni - Elena Engelmann IMF

International Master Florist Education

The Master in European Floral Design Course has now undergone a name change!
After some internal discussion together with Gregor Lersch, we have decided to change the name of this course to International Master Florist Education.
Gregor Lersch is a Floral Master of international renown. This is why we felt like this gives the program the sort of inclusivity it needs.

The Program

During the entire International Master Florist Education you will be taught by Gregor Lersch himself!
You will learn the design theory that Gregor Lersch has applied and honed over the entirety of his career, which spans over 5 decades.
From Wedding Bouquets to Big Event Design to Sketching! All the practical parts that a Floral Master Craftsman should know and be able to handle in a refined fashion, are part of this education.

The first IMF Alumni

The International Master Florist Education also includes an exam. This is judged by Gregor Lersch and two other great Master Florists.
This time the other judges were Nicky Markslag and Nicu Bocancea.
Nicky Markslag is a Dutch Master Florist who has worked internationally for decades. During this time, she has also been responsible for the Flower Arranging Theater at Keukenhof.
For those who aren’t familiar with the Keukenhof, it is the world’s biggest flower garden and one of the Netherlands’ biggest tourist attractions.
Nicu Bocancea, a Romanian Master Florist, has studied under Gregor Lersch for many years. He is the current Romanian Floristry Champion and competes in floral design competitions on a global scale.
In his daily life, he runs multiple flower shops together with his family.
It is these three Master Florists who have judged the exam work of the IMF students with a critical eye.
The following slideshow is a gathering of these lovely works created by the people that are now International Master Florists, certified by Gregor Lersch.