New Handtied Bouquet Courses for beginners and those who want to learn more!

Handtied Bouquet Courses

One of the most popular ways to enjoy flowers is in the form of a bouquet! It’s a florist’s bread and butter.
Every year we have a lot of courses dedicated to this skill.

Handtied Bouquet Courses on all levels

We have our level 1 handtied bouquet courses for those that have never made a bouquet before, or have tried but don’t quite have the hang of it.
Our level 2 courses are for people that grasp the spiral tied bouquet technique, but want to learn more types of bouquets.
Then we have our level 3 courses that are made for those that have done our level 2 courses, but want to learn even more ways to create a bouquet!
Those level 3 courses are also fit for people who have finished the level 1, as they are more like a level 2+.

Youtube Channel

Want to get to know our teachers before the course starts? Check out our Youtube Channel!
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