Behind the Scenes of Floral Artistry: Gregor Lersch at Boerma Instituut


We all know that Dutch flowers are famous worldwide, but did you know that we are also renowned for our floral artistry? We had the opportunity to visit Boerma Instituut on the day when the esteemed floral designer Gregor Lersch conducted his masterclass.

A Day Full of Inspiration:

On a sunny morning, we were warmly welcomed at Boerma Instituut, located in Aalsmeer. The institute, founded by the Boerma family, has been a leading educator in floral artistry for decades. It was a day filled with anticipation and curiosity, knowing that we would witness a master florist in action.

Master Florist Gregor Lersch:

Gregor Lersch is an internationally recognized floral designer and author, whose work is admired worldwide. His creative vision and craftsmanship have made him an authority in the field of floral artistry. We were honored to personally meet him and experience his expertise during his masterclass.

A Mastercourse in Action:

Throughout the day, we immersed ourselves in the world of floral artistry. Gregor Lersch shared his knowledge, techniques, and inspiration with the attending students and professionals. We watched in awe as he skillfully transformed flowers, branches, and other natural materials into breathtaking arrangements. His attention to detail and sense of composition were truly impressive.

The Craftsmanship of Dutch Floral Artistry:

The day at Boerma Instituut confirmed the reputation of the Netherlands as a leader in floral artistry. We witnessed how students and professionals refined their skills and learned new techniques. The passion and dedication they displayed were inspiring and a testament to the craftsmanship that is held in high regard in the Netherlands.

An Everlasting Source of Inspiration:

The experience at Boerma Instituut and Gregor Lersch’s mastercourse have inspired us to delve into the world of floral artistry. We now have a deeper appreciation for the skill and creativity involved in creating captivating floral arrangements. We look forward to exploring this art form further and bringing a touch of Dutch floral artistry into our own lives.