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Test Tubes | Ø 1.6 x 10 cm | 100 pieces

Test Tubes | Ø 1.6 x 10 cm | 100 pieces

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  • Versatile: These acrylic tubes are suitable for a wide range of projects, from flower decorations to arts and crafts.
  • Durability: Made by OASIS®, a synonym for quality, these tubes maintain their clarity and shape over time.
  • Perfect Dimensions: With a convenient size of 1.6 x 10 cm, they seamlessly fit into most creative applications.
  • Large Volume: In this package, you’ll find a generous 100 pieces, ensuring you have plenty for all your projects. Unleash your creative spirit and put these tubes to work!

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Test Tubes: The Versatile Must-Haves for Every Creative Soul

In the world of floral arranging and decorative crafts, test tubes, also known as glass pipettes or acrylic tubes, are an essential and versatile tool. With their dimensions of 1.6 x 10 cm and the material used, acrylic, they bring a world of possibilities within reach. In this article, we delve deeper into these test tubes, of which you get a whopping 100 pieces in one package. Additionally, they are from the renowned brand OASIS®.

Acrylic tubes: More than just a test tube

The term “acrylic tube” can be somewhat misleading because these small tubes have a wide range of applications, extending beyond laboratory work or transferring fluids. They are ideal for creative minds who enjoy creating unique decorations and floral arrangements. Here are some ways you can use these acrylic tubes:

1. Flower Decoration:

One of the most common uses of these tubes is to fill them with water and fresh-cut flowers. This allows you to present flowers in an innovative and unique way. The tubes provide a safe and hygienic environment for the flowers, ensuring they stay fresh longer.

2. Creative Floral Arrangements:

If you love floral arranging, these tubes are ideal. They can be placed in floral foam or styrofoam, allowing you to create floral arrangements with stunning visual impact. The transparent acrylic tubes are virtually invisible, emphasizing the beautiful flowers you’ve selected.

3. Decorative Crafts:

These tubes are not limited to flowers. They can also be used for creating decorative artworks. Think about creating small art installations or hanging tubes on strings to make a unique flower curtain. This adds a touch of artistry to your space.

4. Event Decoration:

If you’re planning a special event, such as a wedding or party, these tubes offer countless decoration possibilities. You can use them to decorate tables, create backdrops, or even surprise guests with small flower arrangements as favors.

OASIS® Quality: A Guarantee of Excellence

These acrylic tubes bear the OASIS® stamp, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of floristry products. With OASIS®, you know you’re investing in products crafted with care and designed to meet the highest standards

In Conclusion

With 100 pieces of acrylic tubes in one package, you’re ready for countless creative projects. Whether you’re a flower enthusiast, an artist, or an event planner, these tubes add unparalleled versatility to your toolkit. Get them today and let your imagination run wild!

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1,6 x 10 cm


100 pieces




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