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Waterproof Tape 6mm x 50m

Waterproof Tape 6mm x 50m

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  • OASIS® Waterproof Tape: premium quality, 100% cotton woven textile tape.
  • Water-resistant for use in moist environments
  • Coated and infused with extra-strong adhesive for reliable adhesion
  • Versatile and suitable for various applications in floral art and creative projects

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Explore the versatility of OASIS® Waterproof Tape

When it comes to sturdy and reliable fastening, OASIS® Waterproof Tape is the ideal choice. This tape, also known as Anchortape, offers excellent features and benefits for various applications in floral artistry and other creative projects.

Premium Quality and Durability

OASIS® Waterproof Tape is made of high-quality 100% cotton woven textile tape. This ensures a strong and durable tape that can withstand different conditions. Whether it’s securing flowers, bundling materials, or creating decorative elements, this tape provides reliable and long-lasting adhesion.

Water-resistant Performance

One of the key features of OASIS® Waterproof Tape is its water resistance. This makes the tape ideal for use in moist environments, such as assembling bouquets or securing floral arrangements in water-filled vases. The tape maintains its adhesive strength even when in contact with water, keeping the flowers securely in place.

Strong and Reliable Adhesion

OASIS® Anchor Tape is coated and infused with extra-strong adhesive. This ensures a powerful bond on various surfaces, including flower stems, leaves, branches, and other materials. The tape holds firmly, preventing the attached elements from shifting or coming loose, even during movement or transportation.

Versatility for Creative Applications

OASIS® Waterproof Tape offers endless possibilities for creative applications. Whether it’s tying bouquets, securing corsages, creating flower crowns, or bundling decorative materials, this tape is flexible and easy to use. With a size of 6mm x 50m, you’ll have enough tape to tackle multiple projects.

Discover the Strength of OASIS® Waterproof Tape

With OASIS® Anchor Tape, you have a reliable and durable solution for all your floral artistry and creative projects. Whether you’re a professional florist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, this tape provides the strength, water resistance, and versatility you need. Unleash your creativity and discover the power of OASIS® Waterproof Tape for all your fastening needs.

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